In addition to her keynote performances, Theresa also offers powerful individual and group coaching opportunities. If you are interested in taking your dreams to reality, allow Theresa to help you in the following ways:

  »  Strengthen your focus so you can cut through distractions and maximize your output.

  »  Supercharge your vitality so you can more easily handle the challenges that come your way.

  »  Develop your courage so you can tackle difficult issues while working through fear and judgment.

  »  Unleash your potential and embracing your true, amazing self!

Theresa combines her unique experience as a senior manager of a Fortune 100 company, a successful entrepreneur, alternative healing professional and spiritual director to provide real-life guidance and support to catapult your vision into reality. Her humorous yet highly-directed approach to accountability will help you work through difficult challenges, get you on the right track, establish the right framework for success and keep you moving forward in a consistent fashion.

For more information on scheduling one-on-one coaching or registering for the next group coaching series, please contact Theresa's assistant Linda Reid at