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Working with Theresa
Contact Theresa to discuss your speaking needs and confirm her availability. She will help you determine how her services can be best utilized for your event, offering advice on which solutions will have the most impact for your specific group. If you would like to put the date on reserve for a few weeks, you can do so with no financial commitment. However, in order to secure a date on Theresa's calendar, a signed contract and 50% fee deposit is required.

Theresa's fee is determined by several factors, including type and length of presentation, number of instances, pre-purchased products, location, expenses, and advanced customization. Please call Theresa at 952-456-1670 to discuss your event requirements and expectations.

Event Planning Session
Once a contract is signed, Theresa will speak with you and your team to gain insight into your organization, event theme, meeting objectives and industry trends. Using this information, Theresa will prepare a program that is perfectly aligned with your expectations.

In advance of the date, Theresa's business manager, Linda Reid, will also confirm the room setup, provide material for your program if needed, and continue to coordinate the details regarding Theresa's travel itinerary, staging, shipping and other logistics. If you have any questions on event management, please do not hesitate to contact Linda at
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A/V Requirements
In order to maximize the experience for attendees, Theresa requests the following:

A wireless lapel microphone (wireless lavaliere) with extra batteries available. Please provide a handheld microphone with a cord to be used as a backup.

An LCD projector and display screen are required, and the projector should connect to the room's sound system. Theresa will bring a Mac laptop with VGA adapter from which she will run a slide presentation.

No lectern is required, but a small table upon which to set a glass of water is appreciated.

A riser (preferably at least 18" off the ground, no smaller than 8' x 8') if there are more than 75 people in attendance. (She's only 5'3"!)

Theater or classroom style seating with plenty of room for participant movement (no seating behind the speaker's back).

If a stage is used, a set of stairs accessing the audience placed in the center or on the side.

A six-foot table, skirted or with a tablecloth, will be set up at the back of the room for the display of materials.

For groups of 400 or more, please arrange for video display behind the speaker.

If the program is videotaped, the speaker will receive a master copy and will approve client use of the footage.




      Phone: 952.456.1670

      Blog: The HoopWoman Diaries