Below are Theresa's most requested keynote programs. All programs are customized to meet client needs and can be delivered in performances ranging from 20 minutes to a multi-day training module.

For Women in Leadership 
Want to take your career to the next level? Ready to experience the Bigger You? It's time to Grow Big! Theresa combines her experience as a corporate executive, business owner, community leader and employee engagement expert with her expertise on personal productivity, creativity and goal achievement to help find the You that lies waiting to be fully realized. Theresa's electrifying program, Start Now, Grow Big, will help you take bold action and move forward in the direction of your dreams. Not only will you laugh and feel inspired, you will be rejuvenated and restore your belief and passion for your life's purpose! It's time to grow a bigger business and live a bigger life!  
For Direct Sales 
As a former direct sales kid, built into Theresa's DNA is special expertise on the core issues that direct sales professionals face on a daily basis. She draws upon thirty years of teachings from her direct sales superstar mom to deliver heartfelt, high-impact programs that will not only energize, engage and educate direct sales professionals, but will also provide tangible, actionable steps they can take right away to boost their careers and personal lives. Choose now to grow big in direct sales. Theresa's four Guiding Principles of Abundance will be your roadmap to success!

What is mojo? It's that fire, that energy, that zest that makes life juicy! If you've got your mojo working, you are on top of the world: energetic, creative, and fulfilled. If you've lost it, you may have to look up to see the bottom: depressed, tired, overwhelmed, and unable to accomplish much of anything. In Finding Your Mojo, Theresa describes the extraordinary impact mojo has on our productivity and health, and she humorously shares some of her most insightful (and often embarrassing) life lessons.



Theresa Rose



Theresa's presentation at our 2012 annual statewide conference was simply amazing! I heard Theresa speak at a conference in 2011 and I immediately knew she would be the perfect motivation for the staff at my organization. I am the Director of Training for a wonderful non-profit providing free legal assistance to people who cannot afford to pay for legal help. A big part of my job includes ensuring all staff are equipped with the tools to effectively serve our clients. In addition to legal training, staff also need extra motivation to continue the challenging work we do. Theresa certainly did not disappoint! She brought such a positive light when she entered the room and a mesmerizing energy from start to finish. She connected with everyone in the room: young and old, management, attorneys, paralegals and administrative assistants alike. Our staff is still raving about her appearance, which I equate more to a "One Woman Show" than a "speech". I have recommended Theresa on several of my legal training list-servs and I would recommend her to any organization or firm interested in offering a fresh, rejuvenating and fun opportunity to energize their staff!

Jaffe Pickett
  Director of Training
  Legal Services Alabama