Opening the Kimono


Opening the Kimono: Theresa Rose
Opening the Kimono: A Woman's Intimate
Journey Through Life's Biggest Challenges

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Audio BookOpening the Kimono: Theresa Rose

Opening the Kimono is a diary, tell-all, rant, confession and healing guide all rolled into one. Theresa Rose is Everywoman. She has loathed her body since childhood, screwed-up countless relationships, climbed and subsequently swan-dived off the corporate ladder, walked the high wire of modern parenthood, and struggled to find some semblance of peace amid life's dramas and traumas. Through her collection of inspirational personal essays, Theresa helps readers become aware of their choices, connect to a force greater than themselves, and above all, recognize the many gifts underneath their gunk. Opening the Kimono is a humorous, heartfelt wake-up call that illustrates the joy and sacredness of the human experience -- pimples and all.

Rave Reviews From Readers

"She hates how she looks, has had more misses than hits romantically, and can't seem to get that promotion - so Theresa Rose is just like every other woman on the planet. Opening the Kimono: A Woman's Intimate Journey Through Life's Biggest Challenges are the thoughts and opinions of Ms. Rose on the most challenging thing a woman will ever face - life itself. Frank and honest, Rose encourages readers to better deal with life with the advice and information presented in Opening the Kimono.

5-Star Review | Midwest Book Review | February 2009

"Full disclosure: I didn't expect to love reading this book. Something about reading what amounts to another woman's personal diary seemed a tad … voyeuristic. I'm supremely glad I overcame my reticence and read Opening the Kimono. Cover to cover. In one sitting. The raw honesty, belly-laugh humor, and heart-wrenching emotion in these pages weave together to create a colorful, outrageous, compelling story about Theresa Rose's life. With humor and wit, insight and shining spirit, she describes her struggles with weight and body image, marriage and motherhood, and the crushing loss of her mother to lung cancer. Meanwhile, with each secret revealed, Rose presents a lesson learned, a small slice of wisdom she hopes to pass along to the reader. In this way, even the saddest moments of the book take on great beauty. At the end, she includes discussion questions for what she calls "Club Kimono," which encourages readers to practice radical honesty and trust in their own lives."

Janine DePaulo | New Age Retailer | Bellingham, Washinton

"I bawled my eyes out. I laughed my ass off. I nodded a million times. I said 'Thank you' out loud without even realizing it. I needed this book."

Abby Weingarten | Features Correspondent | Sarasota Herald-Tribune

"Witty and wisecracking, Theresa Rose is blissfully imperfect and doesn't care who knows it! The groovy girl's guide for living a savvy, sexy and spiritual life."

Diane Saarinen |

"Anyone who will read this book will feel as if Theresa is your sister. She has the courage to tell you her deepest truths so that maybe you can remember the gift in your own stories."

Frannie Hoffman | Author of From Modeling Clothes to Modeling Self