Theresa's mission is to help people rediscover and unleash their unlimited power. Here are a few resources you can use on your journey to bigness!




Check out Theresa's personal video blog series, The HoopWoman Diaries. You may get a little hooping, a little laughter, and a whole lot of inspiration!

Visit to see presentations from some of the world's greatest visionaries and thought leaders. Theresa presented her TEDTalk, "The Hoop Revolution" at TEDxSarasota on 12/12/12. Click below to watch it, and if you are moved by it, please share!

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Theresa Rose


When we decided to engage Theresa Rose to speak to a group of our employees, managers asked: What is Mojo and what does it have to do with me or our company? By the end of Theresa's message, we knew!! We were energized, identifying our own Mojo and feeling really good about that!! She surpassed my expectations for bringing forth ideas on how to identify ways to be happier, while reminding us to realize that it is all up to us. Happier employees are better employees, and thanks to Theresa Rose, we are in a much better place, due to her encouragement!

- Deborah M. Dreher
Vice President, Real Estate Equities