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Rave Reviews From Clients

"Theresa spoke recently at my event and the overwhelming response, not only proven by the laughter throughout, but also on the evaluations, was that she was a fabulous, entertaining and educational speaker. She was charismatic yet very knowledgeable on ways people can make simple shifts to better respond to the challenges we face in our lives. Everyone walked away with multiple action items to put to use right away. She was also very responsive, prepared and well-organized leading up to and on the day of the event - so easy to work with on every level. Theresa is hands-down one of the very best speakers I have ever heard."

Kristen Brown, Founder | The Happy Hour Effect

"Your enlightening presentations not only jump-started our conference, but kept the enthusiasm of the participants going throughout the day. I can't thank you enough. Your messages were a great fit for our group."

Valerie Johnston, VP Education and Special Events | Community Bankers Association of Illinois

"Thank you so much for speaking at our annual IMT Career Day event. People are still talking about it! You are such a great inspirational speaker. You had the audience laughing and you had some crying. You definitely helped them find their mojo! They walked out of the seminar feeling reenergized and rejuvenated. I wanted everyone to laugh and feel appreciated. But at the same time, I wanted them to leave with a message. You did just that. You were a perfect fit for our group!"

Troy Neil, Senior Manager of Marketing | The IMT Group

"Theresa's presentation at our 2012 annual statewide conference was simply amazing! I heard Theresa speak at a conference in 2011 and I immediately knew she would be the perfect motivation for the staff at my organization. I am the Director of Training for a wonderful non-profit providing free legal assistance to people who cannot afford to pay for legal help. A big part of my job includes ensuring all staff are equipped with the tools to effectively serve our clients. In addition to legal training, staff also need extra motivation to continue the challenging work we do. Theresa certainly did not disappoint! She brought such a positive light when she entered the room and a mesmerizing energy from start to finish. She connected with everyone in the room: young and old, management, attorneys, paralegals and administrative assistants alike. Our staff is still raving about her appearance, which I equate more to a "One Woman Show" than a "speech". I have recommended Theresa on several of my legal training list-servs and I would recommend her to any organization or firm interested in offering a fresh, rejuvenating and fun opportunity to energize their staff!"

Jaffe Pickett, Director of Training | Legal Services Alabama

"Your message and presentation touched our audience in a positive and uplifting way."

Jeanette Budding, Asst. Dir. of Communications and Development | Grinnell Medical Center

"I just wanted to thank you again for presenting our seminar program. We had many wonderful comments and many of our committee members had people personally contact them to say what an enjoyable day they had. Your program was very well received!"

Mary Jo Tungesvik | International Association of Administrative Professionals, Ames Chapter

"Theresa's presentation was a breath of fresh air and uplifted us throughout the day. Real life stories that everyone can relate to and laugh at themselves. A needed reminder to care for yourself in order to care for others! Thank you!"

Paulette Sorenson, Education Programs Director | Minnesota HomeCare Association

"Your program was a great way to begin our conference. Our audience had a great time."

Pam Biklen, Program Director | Iowa Caregivers Association

"Thank you again for coming to my conference and for sharing your message with us. We had such positive feedback!! You are remarkable!"

Dawn Staycoff, President | International Association of Administrative Professionals, MN/ND/SD

"What an inspirational, insightful and wonderful presentation!"

Carmen Williams, President | Minnesota Dietary Managers Association

"Theresa Rose is an awesome speaker. She has a way of delivering her message of wisdom in all aspects of life. She has a way of looking at life in a very objective way and sharing sound advice in an entertaining way that hits home to many who attend her presentation. I would highly recommend Theresa for an opening, ending or between conference to add character, self-worth and direction to one's life."

Sue Zins, CDM CFPP, MN DMA State President 2010-2011

"No matter what your life experience, or your stage of life, Theresa's points speak to your heart, and provide something needed to every audience member. We have all felt what she describes, but don't always acknowledge it, and certainly haven't said it out loud! We've given these thoughts and feelings so much power; we're convinced they are true. Acknowledging them and how to work around them with the proper tools and mindset are the key to moving past those feelings, and as Theresa says, to GET BIG!"

Angela Sauro-Davis, President | Sunrise Chapter, American Business Women's Assn.

"Theresa, it was one of the best decisions we made to add you as a speaker to our annual all employee event. You added exactly what our employees needed to hear from the outside expert. It is difficult to speak to a diverse group such as ours, with people in positions ranging from grounds keeper to professional asset manager, and keep them all interested and challenged - you accomplished that! Your sense of reality mixed with optimism and Mojo was great for all who attended. I received many comments at the event (as well as afterwards) and have many e-mails commending your presentation. It was perfect for the times, our group and for individuals too. Thanks again!"

Thomas Backstrom, Regional VP | Pinnacle, An American Management Services Co.

"We were delighted that Theresa had agreed to speak at our American Cancer Society Relay For Life Fundraising Kickoff. As a non profit, our volunteers are critical in helping us raise money and get the word out about our services and programs. With that said, we couldn't have selected a better speaker for our kickoff. Theresa did a remarkable job incorporating our mission into her message which helped her connect with our volunteers. Our volunteers have often endured much with their cancer journey and Theresa helped make the evening special with her funny, inspirational and motivating message. The feedback was excellent and everyone is excited to have mojo back in their lives."

Marlene Goble, Community Relations | American Cancer Society

"We hired Theresa Rose for a company award ceremony. You know that a speaker has had a lot of impact when you hear enthusiastic comments from attendees for days following the event. Her motivational message is practical, achievable and everyone can relate to her mojo busters and mojo boosters. Mojo is now a common word around the office! I would highly recommend Theresa to speak at any event."

Jana Kyser, Director of Property Management | Steven Scott Management

"Theresa was wonderful. Her life stories and messages are exactly what everyone needs to hear, no matter what profession you are in or where you are in life - young or old, male or female. She truly has a way to inspire you to live a better life, which ultimately will impact others around you to live more positively as well. I have caught myself using Theresa's teachings right away so it truly does make an impact. I would recommend Theresa to speak at any event."

Tami Yokiel, Communications Manager | Mayo Clinic Health System

"When we decided to engage Theresa Rose to speak to a group of our employees, managers asked: What is Mojo and what does it have to do with me or our company? By the end of Theresa's message, we knew!! We were energized, identifying our own Mojo and feeling really good about that!! She surpassed my expectations for bringing forth ideas on how to identify ways to be happier, while reminding us to realize that it is all up to us. Happier employees are better employees, and thanks to Theresa Rose, we are in a much better place, due to her encouragement!"

Deborah M. Dreher, Vice President | Real Estate Equities

"Theresa is a passionate speaker and the content of her presentation was profoundly thought-provoking. Hospice and long-term care professionals would really enjoy Theresa and be inspired after hearing her speak. She is awesome! Our employees were waiting in line to speak with her and purchase her book. I have recommended her to several colleagues, knowing that they will not be disappointed in her as a speaker."

Lisa Abicht-Swenson, Executive Director | Hospice of the Twin Cities

"We hired Theresa to kick off our Quarterly Meeting. Our goal was to bring someone in who could relate to our front-line team; help them think beyond the frustrations of the economy, changing staffing structures and software; broaden their perspectives and help them feel better about life. Theresa's lists of "Mojo Busters" and "Mojo Boosters" did just that! One of our more stoic executives pulled me aside after Theresa spoke and said, "Thank you, I really needed that today." We very much appreciated Theresa's energy, insight and enthusiasm!"

James Baumgartner, Vice President | Bigos Management

Theresa's "Finding Your Mojo" seminar was the upbeat, motivating addition that we hoped she would bring to our quarterly company wide meeting. Her insightful message brought to our attention the simple "Mojo Busters" that weigh us down, inhibiting our attitude every day, and often go unnoticed. She helped us wake up and inspired us to see the glass half full with her "Mojo Boosters." Her advice not only motivates productivity and satisfaction in the workplace, but in nearly every aspect of our personal lives as well. With her through-the-roof energy, Theresa was able to engage our entire staff, from our floor covering installers to our executive level managers, and help us find our missing "mojo."

Ryan Comer, President | Renovation Systems, Inc.

"I am a registered nurse that coordinates continuing education programs for fellow nursing professionals as well as mental health practitioners. I am constantly looking for speakers to present on topics that I feel will benefit the healthcare team as well as the patient or client. Being a nurse for close to 25 years, I have reached the point in my career where I am taking a closer look into the relationships between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components of our whole being and how it impacts our health. After attending a discussion group with Theresa about her book, "Opening the Kimono", I realized that she was the expert I was searching for! She fashioned a workshop that encompassed the emotional component of illness and dysfunction, and illustrated how emotional exhibitionism can be a health benefit! I highly recommend her as a speaker for healthcare professionals that acknowledge that they first have to heal themselves before they can heal others!"

Charlene Chirillo | Gulf Coast Area Health Education Center

"What a great opportunity to have Theresa as our guest speaker for Healthcare Workers Retreat. It was fun, relaxing and everyone enjoyed the energy and vitality the day brought."

Nona Magnussen | Executive Director, Hospice of Murray County

"What a terrific presentation! You thoroughly engaged the group!"

Eckerd College

"The audience was captivated from the very beginning. Her energy is amazing! She had the attendees smiling and laughing while teaching them important lessons on how to create prosperity and balance."

American Business Women's Association

Rave Reviews From Attendees    Mojo

"Her message was powerful and uplifting... providing us with hope that it's not too late to make a change in our life if that's what you desire."

"She was inspiring and gave good insight into our lives as women."

"She was the best speaker compared to previous years. I connected with her life and message."

"Theresa's presentation on "Finding Your Mojo" was highly entertaining and meaningful. She spoke with passion about many issues that are relevant to my life. I appreciated what she said about staying on your path in life and how roadblocks or obstacles can direct us to rediscover our true path and higher purpose. Her guided meditation was also enlightening."

"I wanted to tell you how enjoyable your presentation was. It was a wonderful, relaxing, happy day! I also wanted to pass along to you that I had not attended one of the IAAP seminars for a while. Several of my friends go each year and have for many years. They said you were by far the best they had ever had…everyone LOVED you! You make it real and personal. It was really a great day for all of us. People are still talking about it!"

"Theresa has an amazing, unique speaking style because she talks with the familiarity and ease of your best friend, if only your best friend gave such brilliant advice! Her openness in sharing her own life experiences allowed me to connect with her message and see situations in my own life where her discoveries could be really helpful. Aside from the bounty of useful advice, Theresa knows how to have fun. I found myself laughing out loud alongside the rest of the audience because her delivery was infused with humor, which kept it very enjoyable and lighthearted."

"Theresa's presentation was a breath of fresh air! With her bright attitude, honesty and openness, she held the audience gently in the palm of her hand while boldly going where most would refrain... She immediately drew my attention as she shared her life experiences from her heart with a humble and animated sense of humor. Theresa truly has a gift of inspiration for the world! Very dynamic speaker…great message, upbeat and entertaining!"

"Love it! Excellent way to start the day!"

"Delightful, humorous presentation about our freedom of choice in how we respond to life and its challenges. No one can take my joy from me. What a gift to receive!"

"Loved her smaller group session…she is a gifted storyteller and communicator."

"Her personal tribute to learning from life experiences inspired me."

"Theresa was amazing! She was what we needed to get our day off to an energetic start!"

Rave Reviews From Readers    Mojo

"I love this book! The first time I read it was in one sitting! I couldn't put it down. I could directly relate to so many of the experiences shared and it helped me learn about and deal with some of my own...stuff. You'll laugh, you'll cry and you'll be inspired!"

M. O'Brien | Sarasota, FL

"A great book for the bedside - bite-sized chapters with plenty of depth, and some very funny turns of phrase. I wanted to re-read it again immediately. Loved the candor and the humor - Theresa is a refreshing and authentic voice. May her life's journey continue to unfold in wonderful and amazing ways - so that we can all read about it!"

S. Emerson | El Granada, CA

"A friend recommended this book to me - and I only read a few pages before I fell completely in love with it. Theresa has a way with words that will have you laughing audibly in no time. Her incredible honesty about herself and those around her, coupled with her extraordinary self-awareness, makes this book a heart-felt journey into the minds of every woman. I simply loved this book."

L. Currier | Washington, DC

"As I started reading Opening the Kimono, I found myself turning back to the cover to see if I had written this book in a dream. Truthfully, Theresa has a way of taking one back to stories that will resonate with all women. Her writing is easy to follow, very funny and most importantly honest and fresh. I have read the book a few times and purchased for gifts for women older than me, my age and younger. Not often that I have found myself wanting to do that. A great read."

D. Herman | Bradenton, FL

"I impulsively bought this book because I saw the author on a morning news show, and then it sat on my shelf for a couple of months with the other impulsive book buys. This weekend I pulled it off the shelf, and started reading...and didn't stop until I had finished the entire book. Ms. Rose's refreshing honesty and writing style drew me in, and I found myself laughing, crying, agreeing, relating and feeling like I was in a conversation with a best friend. I will recommend this book to all my female friends!"

Donna Cutting | Author of The Celebrity Experience

"I love women. Most of my favorite people are women. But after almost 60 years on this planet, I must confess that I don't understand them at all. The way they talk, the way they think, what they think about themselves, each other, guys...I don't have a clue. So reading "Opening the Kimono" felt like peeking into the archetypal feminine mind. I was completely unprepared for what I found. Women think about what I do: sex, work, money, sex, kids, parents, sex, death, religion, sex, fantasies. Thank you, Theresa, for putting it all out there. I don't feel nearly so stupid. Guys, this is your chance. Read this book!"

C. Wile | Eden, NC




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