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The best way to know if Theresa is the perfect fit for your event is to see her in action.

As you will see, the stage truly is her natural habitat!

Theresa's TEDTalk

The Hoop Revolution
The "Joyful Movement"
Movement will change
your life!

Short Topical Clips

Believe in Yourself
Working on the interior results in dramatic changes on the exterior...

Winners vs. Losers
What is the principal difference between these two groups?

Dropping the Hoop is Encouraged
Expanding to the next level requires embracing the fear of failure

Pre-event Promo

Cheeks in the Seats!
This example of a pre-
event promo shows
how meeting attendance
gets ramped-up!

Short Topical Clips

Why I Am Called HoopWoman
What it means and why it's important

Gratitude Rant
A sure-fire method to return to a place of joy

Defining Bigness
Embracing all that we are meant to be

Visit Theresa's YouTube channel to see her video blog series called The HoopWoman Diaries.

Visit Lake Harriet Spiritual Community's YouTube channel to see Theresa's monthly spiritual message.